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Today in Baseball: HOF Reflections


I felt that it was critical to move my “Today in Baseball” post to Tuesday this week in order to respond to the Baseball Hall of Fame results. So, we won’t see a new Trade Talk Tuesday until next week!

Today, at 2 o’clock ET, we, the general public, discovered that Craig Biggio (82.7%), Pedro Martinez (91.1%), Randy Johnson (97.3%), and John Smoltz (82.9%) were all elected to the Hall of Fame.

Overall, I was very happy with who WAS elected. In my mock ballot from last week, I voted for three of these men (Biggio, Martinez, and Johnson). I didn’t pick Smoltz, but I definitely believe he’s a Hall of Famer, and I solely left him off my ballot in order to leave space for some guys that I felt would get less support (Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez, Curt Schilling). All of these four men had tremendous careers and are deserving of a bronze plaque in Cooperstown.

However, I was extremely upset with who WASN’T selected…

Mike Piazza (69.9%) is the greatest offensive catcher in MLB history. Plain and simple. He finished his career with 427 home runs, a .308 batting average, and 1,335 RBIs, some outstanding statistics. He was a 12x All-Star, a 10x Silver Slugger, and the 1993 NL Rookie of the Year. His accolades and statistics were clearly phenomenal, but to add to his legacy: he hit one of the most powerful and significant home runs in MLB history… Watch the touching video below:

Please, watch that video.

Please, take a quick glance at Piazza’s statistics and accolades.

Please, think about Piazza’s underdog story (drafted in 62nd round of 1988 draft as a favor from Tommy Lasorda to his good friend, Piazza’s father).

Please, find any definitive evidence that Piazza used PEDs.

If you have fulfilled the first three requests, and have failed to complete the last one, you know. You know and understand that Mike Piazza is a Hall of Famer. End of story.

Moving on.

On my ballot, aside from Piazza, there were 6 players that I voted for that didn’t get in. They were:

  • Jeff Bagwell (55.7%)
  • Barry Bonds (36.8%)
  • Roger Clemens (37.5%)
  • Mike Mussina (24.6%)
  • Curt Schilling (39.2%)
  • Edgar Martinez (27%)

While I am disappointed that none of them got in, I honestly expected it. The latter 3 are victims of overlooking and undervaluing certain aspects, or the whole, of their career. The first 3 didn’t get in due to steroid issues: suspicion for Bagwell, and certainty for Bonds and Clemens. I hope, and believe, that all of these 6 guys, who are each extremely deserving, will one day end up in Cooperstown.

Lastly, I’m quite disappointed that Carlos Delgado (3.8%) has fallen off the ballot, as his percentage was less than 5%. He hit for 473 home runs, a .280 batting average, 1,512 RBIs, and 2,038 hits during his career. He excelled as a hitter during the Steroid Era, and he did it clean. He put up numbers comparable to some of the steroid users that the BBWAA so emphatically despises- and he did it the right way. He succeeded as a monk in a city of gamblers. Due to his excellent career achievements, the way in which he reached them, and the era that he played in, I believe that Carlos Delgado is a Hall of Famer. I can only hope that the Veteran’s Committee gets it right and puts him in the Hall when he becomes eligible once again.

Some final food for thought about Delgado? Take a peek at this photo that a fan tweeted. It’s a page from a Spanish magazine that puts Delgado’s numbers up against those of Hall of Famers. (Note: “jonrones” means home runs, “empijadas” means RBIs)

Happy 46th Birthday, Mike Piazza


Mike Piazza had a phenomenal career in the MLB, particularly with the Mets, and he turns 46 today! Due to his playing in the Steroid Era, he hasn’t been inducted to the HOF in his first two years of eligibility. He’s arguably the best Mets player ever, the best offensive catcher of all time, and one of the best overall catchers in league history! He definitely deserves a spot in Cooperstown, and to prove this, as well as honor his birthday, here are 46 Hall of Famers that he had a better career than…

  1. Roger Bresnahan
  2. Mickey Cochrane
  3. Ernie Lombardi
  4. Ray Schalk
  5. Biz Mackey
  6. Rick Ferrell
  7. High Pockets Kelly
  8. Bill Mazeroski
  9. Freddie Lindstrom
  10. Monte Ward
  11. Chick Hafey
  12. Lloyd Waner
  13. Tommy McCarthy
  14. Jesse Haines
  15. Red Schoendeinst
  16. Travis Jackson
  17. Ross Youngs
  18. Rube Marquard
  19. Catfish Hunter
  20. Bruce Sutter
  21. Luis Aparacio
  22. Pee Wee Reese
  23. Phil Rizzuto
  24. Joe Gordon
  25. Joe Tinker
  26. Johnny Evers
  27. Frank Chance
  28. Rabbit Maranville
  29. Candy Cummings
  30. Kirby Puckett
  31. Tony Perez
  32. Ted Lyons
  33. Clark Griffith
  34. Billy Herman
  35. Joe Medwick
  36. Goose Gossage
  37. Heinie Manush
  38. Herb Pennock
  39. Jim Rice
  40. Jim Bottomley
  41. Jake Beckley
  42. George Kell
  43. Bid McPhee
  44. Max Carey
  45. Ross Youngs
  46. George Sisler

Happy Birthday, Mike! Hope you enjoyed your day, and best of luck with this upcoming HOF election! We’re rooting for you…