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Today in Baseball: Is Wilmer “The Future”?


I remember on June 10th, 2003, when some guy named José Reyes played his first game in a Mets uniform. Entering the game, he was ranked the #3 prospect in the MLB by “Baseball America.” The 20-year-old Dominican shortstop was so highly touted that, on his debut, the Mets gave out mini-bats with Reyes’ picture and “the future” plastered all over them.

So yeah, he was pretty good.

He ended up playing nine seasons with the Mets. In those nine seasons, he totaled 370 stolen bases, a .292 average, 99 triples, 81 home runs, and 423 RBIs.

Here’s a clip just to remind you how electric Jose was…

…how fast he was…

…and how much the fans loved him.

And then, after a phenomenal 2011 season in Flushing, he was gone.

On December 7th, 2011, Reyes inked a deal with the Miami Marlins.

Reyes has expressed that he wanted to stay in Flushing. As the story goes, the only reason he bolted is that Sandy Alderson didn’t even schedule a meeting with him.

But, regardless of the reasoning behind it, Reyes is gone, as he has been for the last four years. And ever since he left, the Mets shortstop position has been constantly in flux.

Since Reyes has been gone, we’ve seen 276 games of Ruben Tejada, 126 games of Omar Quintanilla, 51 games of Wilmer Flores, 28 games of Justin Turner, 27 games of Ronny Cedeño, 8 games of Wilfredo Tovar, 5 games of Jordany Valdespin, a game of Eric Campbell, and even a single game of David Wright at shortstop!

Wilmer Flores, the third man on that illustrious list, is slotted as the Mets’ Opening Day shortstop.

It’s becoming increasingly evident with each passing day that Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins have a lot of faith in Flores. They’ve passed on Troy Tulowitzki, Ian Desmond, Asdrubal Cabrera, Jung-Ho Kang, Jed Lowrie, Hanley Ramirez, and more, in favor of sticking with Wilmer.

This aforementioned faith in Flores isn’t unwarranted…

The 23-year-old is taller than the average shortstop, standing at 6’3″. He possesses nice power and has the potential to become a very good hitter.

While he often looks like a subpar and sloppy defensive shortstop, the numbers say otherwise… In 51 games at shortstop this past season, he had a .979 fielding percentage, which would put him tied with Adeiny Hechavarria for 7th amongst all shortstops last season (albeit small sample size). Wilmer had just four errors in 51 games, or .078 per game- during his Mets tenure, Jose Reyes, largely looked at as a nice fielder, averaged .1 error per game. While Flores is far from a defensive wiz, he’s an acceptable defensive shortstop. His lack of fancy plays, among other factors, unfairly gives him this reputation as a defensive liability.

Do I want the Mets to acquire a better, more proven shortstop? Yes, of course.

However, I don’t think that they will do that until AT LEAST the end of next season.

Flores certainly isn’t Reyes… He certainly isn’t “the future.”

But one thing is for sure- Flores has a whole lot of potential. The question is- can he make good on it?

What if Wednesday: Carlos Beltran


So, the 2006 Mets were a good team. Like really, really good. And then they got to the NLCS. And then they went to Game 7. And then they lost, all because Carlos Beltran stared at a decent pitch. For more on this unfortunate series of events, check out this article that I posted a few weeks ago.

Let’s just imagine that Beltran swung at that ball, and let’s just say, hit a blooper into shallow center-field, and St. Louis centerfielder Jim Edmonds just can’t get there in time. So, the ball drops, and Jose Valentin, the man on third, comes in to score.

What would the MLB be like if the aforementioned scenario really happened?

  • The 2006 Mets would’ve made the World Series, facing off against the Detroit Tigers.
  • The Mets, clearly the superior team, take the series in 5 games, giving them their 3rd World Series victory in franchise history.
  • As a result of the instrumental parts that they played in the World Series win, manager Willie Randolph and general manager Omar Minaya would be given far more leeway, and would not be fired in 2008 and 2010, respectively.
  • In fact, these two guys would still be in their exact positions today!
  • With Omar Minaya still around, Sandy Alderson is clearly not the Mets GM. As a result, Minaya sticks to his free-spending ways, and manages to keep Jose Reyes in New York come the 2011-12 offseason.
  • Instead, Sandy Alderson sticks with the San Diego Padres, remaining as the team’s CEO. He serves as an instrumental part in the team, and leads them to success, both in the offseason and on the diamond.
  • Upon Bud Selig’s retirement, Sandy Alderson, who had worked closely with Selig for many years, is named the commissioner of the MLB.
  • Due to the lack of Sandy Alderson’s presence in the Mets organization, Carlos Beltran isn’t traded to the San Francisco Giants for starting pitcher Zack Wheeler.
  • The Giants are perfectly fine keeping top prospect Wheeler in the organization. Once he comes up to the MLB, he and Madison Bumgarner form one of the best 1-2 punches out of the starting rotation in the MLB. The Giants are set to compete for years to come.

What else do you think would’ve happened if the Beltran swung (successfully) at that pitch from Wainwright in 2006? Would the Mets be better or worse today?

COMMENT your responses!!!

#ThrowbackThursday: 2006 Mets Clinch the NL East!


2006. What a magical year to be a Mets fan…

We had SIX All Stars! SIX (Paul Lo Duca, David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine)! That’s as many as we’ve had the last three seasons combined, and that’s only if you count a coach (Terry Collins) as an All Star bid…

The Mets won 97 games! No, I didn’t mean 79- I meant 97… In the past few years, 97 wins has only been conceivable for the Mets in video games…

Heck, Lucas Prata (a one-hit wonder who was pretty popular back in 2006) even wrote us a team anthem! How many single-season teams do you know that have a team anthem? Not that many…

The whole season was just an amazing experience… And watching this amazing team officially earn the title of NL East Champions was just pretty spectacular.

2006 was a fairytale-like season for any Mets fan. For once, their home-grown talent combined with their high-profile acquisitions to make the fans proud.

Let’s just hope that we can see something similar next season…

What if Wednesday: Jose Reyes

what if

Many Mets fans wonder what the MLB would be like today if Jose Reyes had re-signed with the Mets after the 2011 season.

Well, here are some possibilities…