Kings of Queens Mets Infographic

I’m a diehard Mets fan, have been for my whole life. As a New Yorker, I’m lucky enough to attend at least 10 games per season, which is pretty awesome. As an avid fan and an aspiring sports writer, I decided to start this site. This is a hub for Mets related news, games, trivia, rumors, pop culture, etc.- all from a fan’s point of view.

As the above infographic so eloquently puts it, it just hasn’t been easy to be a Mets fan. At all. Through losing seasons, bad signings, great players leaving, and devastating injuries, it seems as though there’s always something… But somehow, someway, we’re all dumb and loyal enough to stick around for more. The Mets are a drug, and no matter how much bad they do to us, we just can’t let go. We don’t need rehab, we just need some wins!

Hey, if the Royals can make the World Series, why can’t the Mets?

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